Bugatti Veyrons – Issue 248 (2013)


We were so lucky to get to shoot this massive scoop. We’d been told we would be given a Bugatti Veyron for a few hours, but when we got there, the owner had three. He said, “Which one do you want? Or you can have all three.” Of course we plumped for the latter, but there was a problem. We were about to start tracking and there were only two drivers. We had a closed road and the clock was ticking. I was shouting for the third car. Finally it pulled up alongside the other two. I asked, “Who’s driving?” The window slowly lowered and Owen, then TopGear designer, popped his head out of the window and replied in a Partridge-type voice… “The keys were in it so I jumped in.” He saved the shoot and got to drive the most powerful supercar in the world… not a bad day.


Each image is printed on high-quality, 260gsm pro luster photo paper and comes with integrated white border ready for framing.