Aston Martin Valkyrie – Issue 298 (2017)


If you’re not fascinated by the Valkyrie’s form – part insect, part UFO – please leave now, because here is a car born from one of the great F1 minds with a singular purpose on earth: to go faster than we ever thought possible. As fast as an F1 car in fact, while looking and sounding significantly better. And you can’t grab a McD’s drive-thru in an F1 car. You can in this. Not sure that’s exactly what Adrian Newey had in mind when he used his evenings and weekends off from Red Bull F1 to devise the pinnacle of road car performance in his garage. In fact, I know it isn’t because only TopGear was invited to his office to hear the Valkyrie’s story from beginning to end.


Each image is printed on high-quality, 260gsm pro luster photo paper and comes with integrated white border ready for framing.