Koenigsegg Agera – Issue 217 (2011)


We were told the ice was thin, but that it would “probably be alright” by the owner of the Norwegian lake. And it was, all the way through a series of epic pictures of our roof-mounted Stig, being ski-towed by said automaton, and some fun skidding about in an Agera R equipped with snow tyres half the width they are in summer spec. It was going swimmingly, up until the 10th or 11th drift in the same spot, at which point there was a large cracking sound, and the very expensive Agera listed to the right as the ice gave way. Full throttle got us out, and we beat a hasty retreat, or it would have been rather more ‘swimmingly’ than we might have liked.


Each image is printed on high-quality, 260gsm pro luster photo paper and comes with integrated white border ready for framing.